30 Day Challenge -Day 30- What’s in My Bag


OMG! It’s day 30! The last day! Can you believe it?! I thought I should save the best for last. Just kidding, it’s just the last topic lol! Can I just say that my handbag is really just a small bag that has EVERYTHING in?! Being an AuPair you have to be prepared for everything […]

August 30, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 29- My Dream Job


If I could have any job in the world, it would be me doing high fashion photo shoots as well as makeup for theatre. There is something about theatre that just speaks to me. I love theatre and since I can’t sing (some people debate with me about that) and I have such bad anxiety, […]

August 29, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 27- My Best Physical Feature


Let’s start with this: I have a hard time accepting myself and trying to find something I like about my body, hence this is one of the last blog posts. I have been thinking about this for two months now and I guess it has to be written about. I even tried to get a […]

August 27, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 26- A Book I Love and Why


If you have met me in the last four or so months or know me, you will know that I have recently read the Harry Potter books for the first time and I FELL IN LOVE. Today, however, I will be talking about another book series and how that changed my life when I was […]

August 26, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 22- Timeline of my Day


Every day is different. I don’t always have the same day but here is a regular Tuesday: 9:00- Weekly meeting with Cassie. I do various jobs, one of which is to help my lovely friend with her social media and to get her name out there as she is a singer. A talented one at […]

August 22, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 21- Best Trip


I was only afforded the opportunity to travel and experience the world once I got to New York. With that being said, living in New York for two years was really the highlight of my life and the ‘best trip.’ When you work somewhere for two years though, I don’t think it is then classified […]

August 21, 2017