30 Day Blog Challenge -Day 1- Introduction

Life / Tuesday, August 1st, 2017
You will often find a cup of coffee in my hand.


My name is Michelle Meilhon and I am 22 years old and currently live in Durban, South Africa where there is never a winter.

I have just completed studying hair and makeup and I am officially a professional makeup artist and hairstylist! This has been such a passion of mine for such a long time and I really wanted to study with Jax so I decided to wait 2 years and come back to South Africa to study at Makeup, The college (YAAAAAASS!!)

I am a Disney fanatic, makeup hoarder and coffee lover!

I have really hectic social anxiety which comes to the point where I cancel last minute or avoid people altogether. At the same time I really like getting to know new people and love listening to their stories and where they are at in life (the irony in that!)

I think I am the complete opposite of normal and embrace it with every fibre in my body :’) though, lately I have been embracing my inner ‘basic white girl’

I like really bad dad jokes, children’s toys and everything abnormal, randomly singing Disney songs out loud and listening to Glee songs and Disney while running at the gym (did I not say I was obsessed with Disney?)

Kickboxing is something is something I discovered a year or so ago now and have never looked back.

I will be doing this 30 day challenge for the next 29 days (you thought I was going to say 30 days? 😉 ) in hopes that you will get to know me better and follow my journey.

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