30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 2 – 20 Facts About me

Life / Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017
  1. I am really obsessed with anything Disney
    Disney World, Florida in 2015


  2. I have broken my right wrist twice. Both times I was being an idiot lol
  3. I have 4 tattoos, all on the right side of my body
  4. I have a weird accent. It’s not American, South African or even British. It’s just weird
  5. I fell in love with theatre when I was an extra in Disney’s Aladdin Jnr at school
    One of the few shows that I watched while in New York

  6. I took an extra subject in school (this isn’t normal in SA)
  7. I lived in New York from 2014-2016
  8. I love wearing weird lip colours
  9. Although I love buying shoes, I don’t actually enjoy wearing shoes
  10. I would prefer being at home than going out
  11. I prefer silver over gold
  12. A 2 litre tub of glitter was once dumped on my head at a camp as a joke. This is why I despise glitter now
  13. My favourite city is Boston
    We went to Boston in December 2015.


  14. My name and last name is French but the only French I know isn’t very appropriate (I blame my friend Gaelle  
  15. I prefer writing things down and having a physical diary than having everything on my phone.
  16. I’ve always wanted to do Ballet- Didn’t I say I was weird
  17. I chose my current laptop solely based on the colour and not the specs (The specs are good- I had my friends check it out lol) It’s Lime Green
  18. I know 4 different languages
  19. Although I have social anxiety- I prefer living in a city than the country
  20. I am very allergic to most animals but I love animals and grew up constantly having animals


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