30 Day Challenge -Day 3- My Proudest Moment

Life / Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

My most proud moment was actually fairly recent one. It was the day I finally graduated and became a professional Makeup Artist and Hairstylist.

It was a long time coming and something I really wanted to tick off the list of things I really wanted to do. Being as passionate about makeup as I am, it was sort of inevitable that I would eventually study something in the field.

I only had two problems,

One- The college I wanted to study at was in South Africa and I was in New York at the time.

Two- I had a lot of friends as well as family telling me how ‘useless’ studying makeup would be and how ‘there isn’t a real need for makeup artists.’

Now, as someone who spent a large majority of her life trying to please people and doing what people expected her to do, it was really hard for me to do something I am really passionate about. It was to the point where if someone complimented my makeup, I would go home and nitpick what was wrong with my look that day so that I could emphasise to myself that I was not worthy of actually studying makeup.

My mindset completely changed when my mom got really sick. It made me realise just how much she did to make my dreams come true and why should I stop myself from doing what I loved because a few people didn’t think I was worthy enough? So I decided to bite the bullet and decided to study when I got back to South Africa.

My heart was set on one specific college and I did not want to study anywhere else. I had friends who studied at Makeup, The College and absolutely loved it. I think it makes a huge difference when you get taught by someone who is just completely in love with what they do. Jax is that person. She loves makeup and loves teaching people. She really is an amazing mentor and the reason why I am the makeup artist I am today.

Jax is such an inspiration and truly my role model. She is both beautiful inside and out.

Jan- My hair lecturer is also such an amazing mentor. I didn’t realise that how much I love hair until she pushed me and made me really step out of my comfort zone. Although hair is generally an afterthought when you do makeup, it really makes such a difference!

There is always something I will remember from Jan, she would always tell me you have to do things in your career that you are not as passionate about to pay the bills but to never not do something that feeds your soul. This is advice I think about quite regularly. I constantly remind myself that sometimes you have to do makeup you might not like but don’t worry, you will be able to more of what you love soon enough.

Throughout my time at college, I was told constantly what a mistake I was making by studying makeup and it really did get me down sometimes but I don’t regret it. There are times where I doubted my talent and if this really was the career for me but I have never not enjoyed it. I have never turned down a job because ‘I didn’t feel like it’

Kim is one of the most talented MUA’s I know. She constantly pushed me and inspired me to do better (most of the time by shouting at me) I am really grateful for her friendship

Picking up a makeup brush and being able to do someone’s makeup, watching their vision come to life and how beautiful they feel after really makes my heart happy.

I am not sure where my career will go and whether I will always be working with makeup but I am so glad I got to do something I am so passionate about even though so many people doubted me. Keep doing what you love, keep hustling!


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