30 Day Challenge -Day 4- Weird Things I Collect

Life / Friday, August 4th, 2017

When you become an AuPair, you are sort of obligated to collect something. It is generally one of the many questions you get asked.

For me, I didn’t want to do the typical shot glasses or magnets. I, instead opted for collecting sweaters (Hoodies) and post cards.

My thoughts around collecting a clothing item is

  1. You can wear it (DUH!)
  2. Once I have worn them out, I can cut them up and make a blanket out of them (I am secretly already a granny lol)

This is just some of my sweatshirts. I have way too many.

This thought came about when I was googling what people collect. It’s weird, I know!

Postcards are another thing I collect. I started this when I wanted to send my parents and friends postcards of where I went. This went on to me collecting them and when my friends went back to their respective countries, started sending me postcards.  

I love everything Disney and have slowly started collecting a few Disney things which have crept into my house (and heart lol)

My goal is to have a Christmas tree filled with only Disney Character Ornaments

Other than that, I try and not hoard much as I do move often which means limited space and limited weight.

Except makeup. There’s always space for makeup :’)


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