30 Day Challenge -Day 5- 15 of my Favourite Things

Life / Saturday, August 5th, 2017

‘These are a few of my favourite things’

You sang that didn’t you? 😛

I don’t like listing things in order so here are 15 of my favourite things

1- Mexican Food

2- Make Up

3- Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4- German Chocolate

5- Spontaneous Coffee Dates

6- Cute Stationary

7- Friends randomly sending me selfies

8- Listening to people talking about what they are most passionate about. This is such an important thing, many people shut down people talking about their passion for no known reason.

9- Cute random messages from people

10- Reading

11- Quirky Socks

12- Travelling

13- Face Masks

14- Teddy Bears

15- Leggings (Really embracing my Basic White Girl Tendencies)

Let me know you like <3


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