30 Day Blog Challenge -Day 11- What are you afraid of?

Life / Friday, August 11th, 2017

There are many things that I am ‘afraid’ of but when it comes to it, I can suck it up and deal with most things. I think the only thing that I would be super afraid of is perhaps being in a bad car accident where they would have to cut a limb off because they could not get me out or lying across the road, looking over and I see my leg or something.

Is that a graphic enough picture?

I think this is probably the worst thing. Not because you lose a limb, there are many people who do and do just fine. You always adapt, but the type of pain you are probably in as well as the emotional scarring? What about all the dirt and germs? That could be literally the reason why you live or die. I have clearly thought this through which is scary.

My other fear would probably be under water too long and me freaking out because I can’t breathe. Having asthma, I have to be so careful what I do in life when it comes to simple things like swimming, running, walking up stairs etc. It’s not something that I enjoy having to be extra cautious about and I generally don’t actually tell many people that I do actually have asthma.

So I guess that’s the two things I am most afraid of.

What are you most scared of? Let me know in the comments xx


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