30 Day Challenge -Day 14- My Favourite Quotes

Life / Monday, August 14th, 2017

There are many different quotes I love. Some of them are really cute and funny like,

“Makeup is my cardio” -One of my many, many makeup bags

“Not only are there people starving in India, there is a starving Indian right here” -Raj from The Big Bang Theory


“No funny funny! No laughing” -Riley, aged 2. This was in response to her sisters making a noise when she was trying to sleep! I have never laughed so hard.

My favourite, serious quote that I love so so so much, so much in fact that it was my first tattoo! It is a bible scripture and it is

‘For I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength’ -Phil 4:13

There are many reasons why I love this scripture. It was spoken over me when I first got saved and it was really my anthem scripture for the longest time. It still is to this day. Many people just take this scripture and are like ‘yea, well, I didn’t study but whatever, God is good and He’s got me’ well bro, God has you but doesn’t have you when you didn’t do any work and expect miracles. Sit down please.

A little insight. When Paul wrote this specific book, he was sitting in jail with everyone hating him, hating who he was and what he stood for. People hated the fact that he loved Jesus and he would literally die for Jesus, hence jail. So even in the midst of all of that, he remained positive and he said that God had him. Which God did. Now reading that scripture, doesn’t it change your perception on the scripture?

There are many different quotes and I could give you quotes for days! Seriously, most of my comebacks are quotes from How I met your mother, The big bang theory, Glee or friends. I need a life lol!

Let me know some of your favourite quotes xx


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