30 Day Challenge -Day 19- My Pet Hates

Life / Saturday, August 19th, 2017

There are many things that really annoy me. There are also MANY SMALL things that annoy me!

  1. Chewing with your mouth open
  2. People throwing litter out of their car. Bro, there’s no reason to litter! Wait until you get home!
  3. People who get offended by me saying bro. I say ‘bro’ to everyone and you just need to chill
  4. People asking me why I am on social media a lot. My job relates directly to social media. Being a makeup artist and hairstylist, you need to make sure you are on trend and doing hair and makeup is up to today’s standard.
  5. People telling me that hair and makeup as a career is useless and I should not be trying to get into it. Okay, so movies, adverts, modelling, yea, none of them require makeup artists and hairstylists hey? (yes, I am salty)
  6. People making fun of my accent. It’s annoying, I get it, I have an accent. So?

I am getting really salty so I will stop lol! It is the most simple things that annoy me and that’s okay, most of the time people don’t see me getting annoyed at it and that’s okay. I am not perfect and I certainly annoy some people with the things I do and that’s okay.

Let me know what your pet hates are. I would love to know!


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