30 Day Challenge -Day 21- Best Trip

Uncategorized / Monday, August 21st, 2017

I was only afforded the opportunity to travel and experience the world once I got to New York. With that being said, living in New York for two years was really the highlight of my life and the ‘best trip.’ When you work somewhere for two years though, I don’t think it is then classified as a trip, right?

While in America, I was able to travel most of the east coast, going all the way to Florida for DISNEY (I told you that I am obsessed right?)

I had an idea of writing about one trip (Disney of course) and then I just completed writing about going to Niagara Falls which was also just so amazing. I think however, my best day trip that was just so memorable was going to Yale University with Gaelle for the day.

The context of the trip was this: I had the flu, which got me down so badly I could not even get out of bed! My host mom was so supportive, forcing me to stay in bed, getting me fluids and some soup (so America right?)

I got a call that my mom had had a stroke and I was due to leave for South Africa and we did not know if I was coming back. All either of us wanted to do was to visit Yale. This was the Friday.

I think it was a Saturday or a Sunday, Gaelle calls me up and said ‘get ready, we are going to Yale.” I am just like, bro, I can’t even breathe through my nose, I am coughing and have no voice and yet you are wanting me to go to Yale? Crazy much?

But we went, it is only about an hour from our houses so it was not far. With everything considered, I am so glad we went. We just walked through the streets, had the most amazing pizza I have ever had and the best company. Yale is also the best place for a picnic and I honestly fell in love with Yale.

I am forever grateful that Gaelle dragged me in my horribly sick state to the best place ever!

So although there have been amazing memories (let’s not forget my 21st birthday thanks to Gaelle 😉 ) but I think the smallest things like randomly driving to places for no reason is the best thing ever!



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