30 Day Challenge -Day 24- 5 Things I am Passionate About

Life / Thursday, August 24th, 2017

This week has been a bit crazy which resulted in me being one day behind on my blogs 🙁

However, I finally have the chance to catch up a bit! Yay! So let us get stuck into this!

5 Things I am passionate about:

  1. Makeup- I am sure you are very tired of hearing about makeup and the fact that I.CONSTANTLY.TALK.ABOUT.IT
  2. Young people- I am very passionate about young people and making a difference in their lives. Be it through church, leadership courses, being there for them in various aspects.
  3. Wearing colourful socks- growing up I was always the weird person who wore colourful shoes or something colourful to make things fun. I still enjoy it to this day, but now I enjoy doing it on a smaller scale such as with socks or a fun accessory.
  4. God- as most of you know, I believe in God. I don’t like calling myself ‘religious’ as religion is hurtful and most of the time leads to hatred for no reason. I have a personal relationship with God and I love it.
  5. I am very passionate about stepping out of my comfort zone. I always try and do things that make me step out -often in faith- and do something I don’t normally do or like doing. I feel like this grows me and I will be a better person because of it.

Let me know some of the things that you are passionate about! I look forward to hearing from you xx


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