30 Day Challenge -Day 29- My Dream Job

Life / Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

If I could have any job in the world, it would be me doing high fashion photo shoots as well as makeup for theatre. There is something about theatre that just speaks to me. I love theatre and since I can’t sing (some people debate with me about that) and I have such bad anxiety, being behind the scene is best for me. So doing makeup -which I am so passionate about- as well as being in the theatre world, I think I would thrive!

I also want to be in high fashion as I love the weirdness in the makeup, I love the fact that I can have complete creative freedom and not do the same makeup over and over and over again such as when you only work in bridal or prom. I am not putting these field down, I do love a classic makeup look but I love the creativeness of high fashion more.

I would also want to work with women who have been abused in some way. I would want to bring makeup and psychology and mix them together and work with women who think they are not good enough and don’t feel beautiful. Most people know that I hardly ever wear makeup because I think that we are all beautiful and don’t need makeup. I also think that makeup makes you feel all type of ways. It makes you feel beautiful and gives you confidence that you thought you did not have. I want to help women get that confidence and realise that regardless of what society says, regardless of what their families and partner has said, they are beautiful and they are loved and they are AMAZING!

One day I hope to get into both of these fields.

Let me know what your dream job is and how you are actively working towards your dream


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