30 Day Challenge -Day 30- What’s in My Bag

Life / Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

OMG! It’s day 30! The last day! Can you believe it?!

I thought I should save the best for last. Just kidding, it’s just the last topic lol!

Can I just say that my handbag is really just a small bag that has EVERYTHING in?! Being an AuPair you have to be prepared for everything which works in your favour most of the time, it also means that you have to carry a fairly large bag.

I tried to make this picture arty because if I didn’t, you would get quite bored.

First off, my bag is from Mr Price, you can find it here:

My wallet is also from Mr Price but I can’t find it online.

I have a little black bag too which says “My brain is 90% Disney Quotes”

I got that, as well as my 2017/2018 diary from Typo because, LIFE. I keep a number of things in that bag such as my asthma pump (I suck at breathing, sigh); labello; rescue (you know, anxiety) as well as just basic medication such as throat lozenges; panado; pain killers. I also keep a lipstick; earphones; perfume and hand cream.

I always keep a note book and pen with me as inspiration strikes at the weirdest times. There’s also the obvious sunglasses; prescription glasses and perfume mist.

I also have a teeny tiny bag that I got from Sephora, it has everything you can need in it and even the things you might not think you need.

Lastly, I have my business cards because you never know when you when you might need to hand out a business card!!

What do you have in your bag? Let me know!! I also would love to hear from you what you enjoyed the most about the 30 day challenge and if you want me to do any other challenge??


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