30 Day Challenge -Day 20- A Letter to a Friend


Shawn, today would have been your birthday. You would have been 23. Not a day goes by where I don’t miss you. I miss having literally 3-5 different conversations at once. I miss you sending me random photos, I miss reading your writing and most of all, I miss having you around. Talking to you […]

August 20, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 19- My Pet Hates


There are many things that really annoy me. There are also MANY SMALL things that annoy me! Chewing with your mouth open People throwing litter out of their car. Bro, there’s no reason to litter! Wait until you get home! People who get offended by me saying bro. I say ‘bro’ to everyone and you […]

August 19, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 16- Favourite Bloggers


It is no secret that I have modelled my blog after some of my favourite bloggers out there. I first became interested in blogging when I heard Zoe Sugg mention her blog. I mean, it’s Zoe and really, she’s just goals. So here are my favourite bloggers and some of the blogs I love the […]

August 16, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 15- Favourite Recipe

Life, recipes

Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Panera Bread Dupe) Ingredients 2 onions (cubed) Carrots (peeled and chopped) Broccoli (I used two heads) finely chopped 2 cubes of veggie stock (1 liter of veggie stock) +- 1/5 cups of flour 500ml of fresh cream (half and half) A block of mature cheddar (I also tend to just add whatever […]

August 15, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 14- My Favourite Quotes


There are many different quotes I love. Some of them are really cute and funny like, “Makeup is my cardio” -One of my many, many makeup bags “Not only are there people starving in India, there is a starving Indian right here” -Raj from The Big Bang Theory   “No funny funny! No laughing” -Riley, […]

August 14, 2017

30 Day Challenge -Day 12- Religion: My Views


Religion is a hot topic and I have had many a conversation with people and it has come to the point where I have had to hold myself back from bigoted people as well as rule religion out as a conversation topic for a lot of people. There are many different religions and sub religions […]

August 12, 2017