1 Year Back in South Africa

Life / Saturday, September 16th, 2017

It has been 365 days since I have been back in South Africa.

365 days since I left my second home.

365 days since I had Starbucks. Yes, this is very scary and I am very sad about this lol.

Side note: the closest Starbucks is between 6-7 hours away from me.

This year has flown past and I have gone through so much in this last year. The adventures I have gone through as well as the heartache, the coffee dates and the adulting I have done has been hectic. I have gone from living out of my backs for 2 months, not having a car, working at places I did not like just to survive and really just feeling isolated!

It has not all been bad and sad and crap. It has been fun, sun and ends? I don’t know, I have never been good at rhyming.

I made the most amazing friends (see: 30 Day Challenge: Day 10 ) and they have been so amazing and really just been there for me when I needed them the most. Whether it was just for coffee dates or when I really needed them and they dropped everything to be with me. (that has actually happened and I am so grateful for them)

I also moved into my own place and assumed responsibility for rent, food, cleaning and being an adult which is scary. I have been here for nine months now and I am still so overwhelmed at the fact that I am living by my flipping self! I celebrated my 22nd birthday and my best friend woke me up to Tay Tays “Feeling 22” which I still sing all the time. I was gifted a car for the time being which has saved me and enabled me to aupair.

I started and completed my makeup course and I am a qualified makeup artist and hairstylist which has been a dream of mine for a very long time.

I learnt that sometimes family aren’t the best people and the best people aren’t family. I learnt to appreciate good coffee and have since become a coffee snob. (I KNOW RIGHT?!)

I have gone from not enjoying social media to having to be on it a lot so I am able to stay on trend and advertise my business. I learnt that women bossess are amazing and don’t get enough credit. I am on a group called Hello Boss Creative and they have been so amazing! I learnt to be really grateful for the small things in life.

I learnt that you need to spoil yourself and not work so damn hard for money and not spend it on yourself (I actually just learnt that this week lol)

I also learnt the importance of immersing yourself in different cultures and to experience different things because if you’re the only one that can get yourself out of that unhappiness. The only thing that you are doing when you harp on the unhappiness is making yourself more and more unhappy which is so pointless and really, who wants to be around someone who is unhappy all the time?

I learnt that I need to stop doing things in my own strength and let God lead the way because He knows the ultimate plan and He always has your back.

The last thing I learnt which is also a new revelation is to fall in love with a city in a different way. Durban for me is tainted with sadness and uneasiness but I am learning to fall more and more in love with different aspects of Durban rather than to focus on the negative things that has happened to me in Durban. These are things like appreciating local restaurants, the coffee culture, beaches, hipster vibes, RUNNING (Yes, I do that too) and really, just the weirdness of the city.

So I am glad I have been here for 365 days and I am hoping the next 365 days will go just as smoothly.

Here is to more coffee, more revelations, more adventures and more God!

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