Life / Sunday, November 5th, 2017



I have officially moved to the Netherlands!

This may come as a surprise and might explain the silence over the last couple weeks.

It happened quite suddenly, I was enjoying my time in South Africa, hustling hard and really going for it when my current host family decided to stalk me. They’re cool and read my blog lol.

I really do love it here. I am looking after 3 boys, all of which are very different and similar at the same time. My host parents are really amazing and so so supportive when it comes to me blogging and doing makeup which I am so appreciative of.

So you can expect a lot of content coming up as well as Blogmas which I am so bloody excited for!

My trip to the Netherlands was very interesting. I had to repack my bag twice at the airport as the one bag was super heavy and the other super light.

At Dubai, I got upgraded to Business class and really enjoyed that. Kind of don’t know why I never flew business class before (well, probably because I am broke but whatever lol)

If airport security was as easy as it was in Amsterdam, I don’t think anyone would see me again!

My host family surprised me at the airport with a cute balloon, a pencil with a clog on it and a cute wooden flower pot. All basic Dutch stuff. I was also absolutely spoilt when I got home with flowers, Harry Potter things as well as a map of my town where I am able to scrunch up and it not tear. It really is the small things in life that I appreciate! Also- Don’t forget the wool! I am going to make my own scarf!

Did I mention this cute guy? Not sure who he is, but he’s the best thing!

The family as a whole is so amazing and I am really enjoying being a family and disconnecting from my phone. I try and be more present rather than be on my phone. I also love the fact that I am able to eat dinner with them. They eat all meals together which I think is amazing!

I will be sharing more on my experiences in the Netherlands as well as my travels, trying new things and really just being myself in a country so far away from my own!


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