Holland: My First Impression

Life, travels / Thursday, November 9th, 2017

If every border control can be as easy as the Holland border control, you will never see me again lol.

Everyone at the airport was so friendly and security was just so efficient.

My first impression of the Netherlands was a weird one. I was mixed with confusion and ‘ah, this isn’t so different’

Let us start with the stairs: WHAT THE EFF ARE THESE STAIRS?

Why the hell are the stairs straight up? Why are they in a circle thing? Why are they so small? Just so confusing. I saw them and I knew, I JUST KNEW I would be falling down them. I proved myself right not even 24 hours later I slipped down them. I know there will be more times that I will be falling down them because let’s face it, it’s me we are talking about.

Moving swiftly along to food. Listen, I know being South African means I have some strange tastes when it comes to food but what the heck is up with you putting sprinkles on bread for breakfast? I don’t really understand it? It is also classified as ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ and it is not just one type of sprinkles. There’s tons of them. WHY?? (I have tried them and it is cool but sprinkles should still only be on cakes) Also- what’s with apple everything? Why do you have apple spread? Why is that a thing? I don’t get it? OH! And pancakes for dinner????? In America it is for breakfast and I had a hard time adjusting as we have it as a dessert but pancakes for dinner????? I had one on my first night and i was blown away by how amazing it is – I had bacon, pineapple and cheese- but still. I don’t understand lol.

The streets here are also so strange. There’s no line dividing the road and they’re tiny. There’s also bike lanes and every car seems to stop for you when you are crossing the road. There are no stop streets or traffic lights and the tram and cars AND bikes all share the same space.

Also- why do stores only open at like 10am and then 12pm on a Sunday? I don’t understand????

Although I do find all of these things weird, I am absolutely loving this country in its entirety and I can’t wait to see what else it has in store for me.


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