Blogmas 2017 -Day 8- Top 5 Vlogmas Vloggers

Life / Friday, December 8th, 2017

I first got into Blogmas and Vlogmas when I started watching YouTube a couple years ago. Seeing people Vlog about Christmas everyday really gets me in the mood for Christmas!

My Top 5 Vloggers are in no particular order but they are:

  1. Zoella
  2. Tanya Burr
  3. Alfie Deyes (Pointless Blog)
  4. Sacconne Joly’s 
  5. Jessica Braun

Let’s face it, Zoella is the actual #ChristmasGoals She works hard for what she has and she really goes all out, it’s crazy! She is the reason why I love Vlogmas as a whole. Alfie, Zoe’s boyfriend is my favourite Vlogger so I feel like I should include him based on that. He also does Vlogmas really nicely though and I love seeing both his and Zoe’s vlogs everyday as they are from different perspectives.

The Sacoone Joly’s are amazing! Vlogging everyday with 3 children and a million dogs takes so much dedication. I love how Johnathan does so much for his family and he works so hard to get the vlogs up and done up really nicely.

Jessica has just started Vlogmas with her husband Tyler. They vlog over on Tyler’s channel. It is mostly about Disney -AMAZING- and she does amazing beauty videos. I have been subscribed to her since she had a tiny following and I love to see how she has grown and really just stayed true to herself!

The last person, Tanya- I love her Vlogs in general and she really does go all out for Christmas too. I feel like she is quite ‘normal’ in the sense that she carries on with other things that is needed to be done but also fits in cute Christmas stuff as well!

Let me know who your favourite Vlogmas Vloggers are and what you like watching on YouTube in general!!

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