Blogmas 2017 -Day 17- American Christmas Presents

Life / Sunday, December 17th, 2017

I don’t always like talking about what I got as a gift because I don’t like bragging and I don’t like showing off the stuff because people aren’t always as fortunate as me. With that being said, my most amazingly awesome friend and I decided to swap gifts this season even though I am in The Netherlands and they are in America!

Rutt is originally from Estonia but now lives in America with their partner! We are both professionally trained MUA’s and they inspired me so much to do what I do now!!

Rutt currently works at Face Stockholm and honestly just does not shut up about the brand. For good reason though! I recently tried the products out and I am so floored by the staying power of the makeup and just how amazing they are as a whole. The wheel blew my mind. There are 4 shades and I didn’t know what or how to use it until Rutt casually mentioned that you use it as a bronzer, blush and highlight. You can also use it as lipstick AND your eyes! Excuse me? What? Yes, it’s true and it’s AMAZING! Holy cow man! The lipstick- let’s talk about this. First off, have you seen the colour? Right up my ally. It stayed on threw coffee, short bread, toasted sarmies, coffee and an ice-cream. Also- 6 hours and it looked amazing still. How? Must be magic.

BH Cosmetics is one of my all time fav brands. I use a lot of their stuff and this palette is amazing and I really love it. The shades are amazing, they blend well and the packaging is amazing!

I didn’t document what I got Rutt, but it was cute! Lots of very strange Dutch food 😉

Have you used Face Stockholm? What do you think of the brand as a whole? Let me know!


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