Blogmas 2017 -Day 23- Your feelings ARE valid

Life / Saturday, December 23rd, 2017

Today I woke up and honestly? I am kind of over the Christmas season now. It is not because I don’t like Christmas or because I am the Grinch. It is because I have lost multiple people closest to me which made my Christmas every year.

Last year I lost my mom and it was hard. I don’t really talk about it a lot because it makes people uncomfortable and then they feel sorry for me. So Christmas isn’t the best time for me. If you have been reading my Blogmas, you will have seen me referencing my mom a lot in the posts because she was a huge part of Christmas and it really isn’t the same.

So if you are dealing with loss and not feeling in the Christmas spirit, there are some things that you can do that will cheer you up.

I try and keep myself busy a lot by doing a number of things such as travelling to different towns or exploring your own town.  I personally don’t do well with watching movies and stuff because my mind goes racing. I like to watch YouTube videos while doing something.

Hobbies are also a great thing. I really like to bake and be in the kitchen as well as do crafty things, plan things, write things.

Your feelings are totally valid and if you don’t want to be in the Christmas spirit, that is also okay. Not everyone understands and that’s goof. They have not experienced the heartbreak and they have not experienced the pain you have gone through!

I am not sure where this blog is supposed to go, but know that there are people who are in the same boat as you and your feelings are valid.

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