23 Things I learnt by 23

Life / Friday, January 19th, 2018

OMG! It’s my birthday! Don’t look at me, I’m old 🙁

Okay, so here are 23 things I learnt by 23.

  1. I learnt that being able to be by yourself is the sign of maturity
  2. I learnt that people do some crazy things with their eyebrows
  3. I learnt to stand up for myself
  4. I learnt that moving countries is hard
  5. I learnt that I can grow my nails
  6. I learnt that people will always disappoint you
  7. I learnt that my bones break quite easily
  8. I learnt that I don’t like going out and drinking
  9. I learnt that I function better in the morning than in the evening
  10. I learnt that I am artistic
  11. I learnt that high school can haunt you 5 years later
  12. I learnt that I discovered my passion early on in life
  13. I learnt that I am allergic to Lavender 🙁
  14. I learnt that packing on the day that you leave for a new country isn’t a good idea
  15. I learnt that I am a terrible joke teller
  16. I learnt that family isn’t always blood and blood isn’t always family
  17. I learnt that being your own boss is hard
  18. I learnt that hustling hard pays off!
  19. I learnt how to manage my anxiety
  20. I learnt how to survive without my mom
  21. I learnt that I am strange
  22. I learnt the importance of being there for someone when they are going through stuff
  23. Lastly, I learnt that I should keep running towards my dream!


2 Replies to “23 Things I learnt by 23”

  1. Lol aww this was a fun post. The point about family is so on par! Like that’s definitely something I’ve learned too. Kudos to being a #GirlBoss though even though it’s not an easy task. And girl we’re all a little strange, it’s all good lol. Great post babe! 🙂

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

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