Polaroid Snaps: Four Month Update

Life, travels / Sunday, March 4th, 2018

I have been in Holland for 4 months already! How crazy is that? Here are a few highlights that I have snapped with my Polaroid. They are all light-hearted and surface level. If you would like to hear more about a specific event or how I am settling into a country where I don’t actually speak the same language, let me know. 🙂

04 November 2017- Farewell South Africa, I will see you soon!

I had a couple of my friends see me off at the Durban airport in South Africa before I left on my journey to Holland! They were so sweet and I loved that they came out! Friends are so damn important to me and the fact that they did that was beautiful!!

20 November 2017- I FINALLY took my first Polaroid with my very own camera (yay me)

I have such a love for graffiti and Rotterdam is so full of very, very creative people that express themselves through graffiti which works in my favour!! I really love Rotterdam and everything in it. It is very modern and great. Plus during the lead up to Christmas there were so many lovely Christmas trees that give New York City a run for their money 😉

02 December 2017- Sinterklaas!!

My host family got a real ‘Sinterklaas and zwarte Piet’ to come to our house and do the whole tradition thing which was a tad creepy because they know everything about you lol! But it is such a fun tradition. My host dad recently went to New York and gifted the boys and I M&M aprons because, why the heck not haha!!

09 December 2017- Delft

Delft is really one of my favourite cities in the whole of Holland. It is a tiny city, you can see the whole city in literally like 20 min which is really funny and proving how small it really is, but I love the city. I love that it is so small and that the architecture is old, I love how the people are so strange and that I keep going there over and over again. It is a 10 min train ride from Rotterdam Centraal and can be easily reached all the time!

10 December 2017- First snow

In December we had one snow storm and bloody hell was it a snow storm. It snowed and snowed and snowed. It was so hyped up because Holland had not seen snow for 2 or so years. The snow wasn’t anything that I had in New York but it was snow and it was lovely!! We actually went to a different city that weekend and everything was shut down so we came back to Rotterdam and played in the snow like normal 20 somethings!!

25 December 2017- Christmas

Christmas was very different for me. It included black tie and an 8 course meal! I had a great time but I drank too much and ate way too much! I didn’t get to the last 2 courses!

26 December 2017- Disney on Ice

As gift, we went to see Disney on ice! It was so cute and I loved it so much! Everything was in Dutch but I was still able to sing along and understand everything. The perks of knowing Afrikaans and watching too much Disney 😉

29/30 December 2017- Berlin

I went to Berlin on December 28-30 which was really cool even though I was actually quite sick. I saw all the big tourist things and took tons of photos! I really love the rich culture and diversity that Berlin has. The history is also so interesting. I would love to go back and really dig into more of the history there.

02 January 2018- I spent New Years with a lovely friend of mine. During New Years, we took a 40 min detour which was annoying at the time because we were so cold and not feeling well! But we saw this amazing Cafe that we went back to on the 2nd. Again, the graffiti gets me lol!

19 January 2018- Birthday

I turned 23 this year and I have never felt older! It honestly didn’t feel like my birthday but I had so much fun that weekend! Gaelle came all the way from France which was really lovely and I had the best time with her! I was beyond spoilt and really, just felt so loved

21 January 2018- Delft

Here we are, back in Delft. I couldn’t let Gaelle come for the weekend and not show her Delft! It is so beautiful like I have already said!

So that’s pretty much what I have been doing these last 3 months. I have travelled a lot. Seen a lot AND eaten a lot. I love it here and I can’t wait for what more I will be seeing!

10 February 2018- Breda

We went to Carnival in Breda. It is a celebration before people give up everything for Lent. It is supposed to be a Christian holiday but has since evolved to a normal holiday that highlights sex, drugs and alcohol. I really enjoyed it and I had loads of fun. My nerdy ass went to a book store and bought this diary while I was there lol!

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