Catrice: Haul & Review

Uncategorized / Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Primer: The primer is a colour correcting primer. I have really red skin and I never have a colour correcting primer as being a makeup artist, you should cater to everyone so a coloured primer would never work. It is a moisturising primer that isn’t pore filling but it really is amazing. You kinda look like the grinch for a while until you add the foundation and stuff, but it really works and I use it all the time.

Prime and Fine: Okay, I am going to be real here. I literally thought that this was a under eye corrector for the longest time… Yea, I am that much of an idiot. Anyway, I saw someone who used it with their foundation because they had it in English and I did not. (Yay for not speaking Dutch lol) I have since used it the way it is intended to and I actually really like it. It makes my face appear brighter and I do believe it is worth the extra step since my skin has been looking a bit dull.

Foundation: This is a very thin formula -like most of these products- and full coverage. I have the lightest shade and it is too dark for me but I really wanted to test it out. It also sort of runs a bit grey but once you have set it and put everything else on top, it is okay. This foundation has been breaking me out though which sucks as I actually really like it. It is not the most satin finish and I find it sometimes clings on to my dry patches if I have not done my skincare routine properly. I found it works better with an oval brush and not a beauty sponge.

Concealer: I.FLIPPING.LOVE.THIS. Okay, I might be over zealous about it but I really love this concealer. I heard about it from Tati which is why I went on a binge and hauled the rest of the products. This concealer is full coverage, brightening and does not crease on me. I really recommend this whenever someone needs a good recommendation.

Lipstick: I still haven’t really been testing it to be honest. I like the colour and the application but I have not tested wear time etc. I will be testing it and update you!

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