Rituals: The ins and the outs

reviews / Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Anyone who lives in Europe should know about Rituals. It is a great brand that go its inspiration from the traditions of the Asian Cultures. They have various products for both your home and body that are beyond luxurious, yet quite affordable. They have various scents with colour palettes that always make you smile and feel like you’re on the same road as Mrs Jones (does anyone still use the term “Keeping up with the Jones?” am I getting old?)

Funny story with this brand. Here in Holland, they have a shop on every street corner. Similar to Starbucks in New York. I never went into these stores because they intimidated me. I was scared the sales consultants would get salty if I didn’t buy anything. My host mom would always tell me to go in, that nothing would happen. Blah blah blah. I have since gone in and I really love looking around there. They also have some amazing tea, which is on my list to pick up.

I was gifted not one, but two of these gift sets over Sinterklaas and Christmas. It is safe to say that I am absolutely in love with the products.

The first one that I was gifted is “The Ritual of Hammam -Purifying Ritual”¬†which included:

  • 200 ml foaming gel
  • 150 ml black soap
  • 125 gr sea salt hot scrub
  • 220 ml ‘soul uplifting’ body cream

It came in a beautiful blue box which I have since made use somewhere else. The foaming gel is amazing. It was the first time that I have used a product like this. It has a cooling effect on your body and makes you feel so luxurious. A small little bit really goes a long way. The body scrub is a salt scrub, which is not too rough where it feels like you are scrubbing your skin to the bone but it’s nice enough to, well to its job. The body cream feels like jelly. It is the thickest body cream I have ever owned but it is oh so amazing! The black soap I have used once or twice and I do enjoy it but I am waiting for a better occasion other than just bed time lol.

The other one I got was the “The Ritual of Sakura – Relaxing treat.” I can confirm that this is indeed very, very relaxing! The box included:

  • 50 ml foaming shower gel
  • 75 ml shower oil
  • 70 ml body rice scrub
  • 70 ml magic touch body cream

Let me start with the shower oil. This product is amazing. Seriously. If you ever want to buy anything from this brand, you need this. It’s not an if, maybe, uh. No girl, it’s a YES! The scrub and shower gel is also good as well as the body cream. I feel like through all their products, they are consistent which is what I really love about this brand.

I also got a reed diffuser called “Dao Fragrance sticks” which I LOVE. I am wanting to go and get the other products that have the same scent because it seriously is one of my most favourite scents I have ever come across! My host mom has a candle of the similar scent and it really just is so beautiful.

I have taken a look at their makeup and I do want to try some of them out as they are all cruelty free (I am not sure if they are vegan) and have all natural ingredients which is really amazing.

If you haven’t bought anything from them or have been wanting to try something, I really do recommend picking up a cute gift box as it is value for money but you can also try various products!

If you have gotten something from them, let me know what you got or suggest, I would love to pick up some of your favourite products x


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