Weird Food People Like to Eat

Life / Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Okay; let’s be honest for a second. We all eat really weird things that would put pregnant women to shame.

My friends and I started a conversation about some weird food that we eat. It started with me trying hummus with grapes and strawberries. It’s good, you should try it.

We went on to the more basic “weird things” like fries and ice-cream. It was a 50/50 split. Some people hate it, some love it and one individual has never tried it *gasps* I’m coming for you Tom 😂😋

So I got really inspired and asked more people of some of the strange things that they eat. Granted, some is country specific and is normal in that country and some are just down right questionable. These are real things that real people eat 😅

I am going to start from “meh, I can get on board with that” to “what the actual hell is wrong with you?”

We have a whole section on peanut butter. Apparently people like adding peanut butter to things.

Peanut Butter & Marmite Sandwiches – I used to have this quite often and my dad really likes it. It really is strange but don’t knock it until you try it (like everything else in this post)

Peanut Butter on Oreo’s – You get normal peanut butter Oreo’s but actually smearing PB on Oreo’s? IDK

Peanut Butter & Steamed Eggplant – This apparently is quite normal in the Asian community. It’s a bit strange, but okay lol!

Peanut Butter on curried potato sandwiches – Okay, so I think it is normal only in South Africa to put potato curry on fresh white bread which is really amazing (and super unhealthy) but adding peanut butter? WHY?

Peanut Butter; Bacon & Syrup – I get bacon and syrup. That’s normal. Unhealthy but damn good. Adding PB? Okay???

Peanut Butter; Raisins & Apples – I can get that. PB and apple is really good, adding raisins? This could be good

Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles – I get this. I can understand it to a point.

Peanut Butter; sandwich Pickles & Ritz Crackers – Yes, there are different types of pickles. Pickles are life and mixing them with other things is normally something I support. Not too sure about this combo lol!


Moving on to things that don’t have peanut butter with them!


Fries & ice-cream – This started the conversation off and honestly, if you have not tried it, you are making a unicorn sad 🙁

Chicken Nuggets & chocolate milkshake – So many people said they love this. Am I missing something? Seems quite normal so “meh”

Cheese & fried eggs – I used to have this as a kid a lot. I like it, though it makes me feel really sick now because it is so rich

Hagel Slag (chocolate sprinkles) & Cheese – Typically you would do this on bread. Typical Dutch. Cheese and sprinkles individually that it. Together? I am not so sure.

Rice & black coffee – Uh- what?

Coke and Milk – Don’t throw up before you try it. I had this a lot growing up as a kid. We would call it brown cow. I forgot about it until someone brought it up haha!

Watermelon & cheese – So this is typical in Bulgaria apparently. I am not shutting it down but I do have some questions.

Fried egg with strawberry jam – I think this was one of those moments when everything was on your plate and it tasted it good.

Ice cream sandwiches – Instead of a cookie, my friend uses toast. ACTUAL bread put into a toaster and then put ice cream on it! You okay mate?

Grated Cheese with Lemon Juice & Salt – This is strange, but hey. Life right?

Pickles & Nutella – I might have tried this tonight. I might have almost thrown up. One of my good friend’s loves this (or is trolling me lol)


This final one is probably the worst one I have ever seen and honestly, I am concerned about my friend’s health, safety and whether he is crazy or not lol! 


Weetabix; marmite & milk – WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL?!


What is some of the weirdest things you have ever eaten that you actually like? Let me know!



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