What happens when you feel unmotivated?

Life / Thursday, July 12th, 2018

What happens when you feel unmotivated?

If you haven’t noticed; I actually haven’t blogged in a long time. Before that when I was posting an occasional blog I didn’t do Instagram for about 3 months. Why? I encountered my first writers block and with that; my motivation laughed at me, packed their bags and left. (sigh)

There’s lots of “self-help” blogs that tells you motivation will come to you and you should just wait for it and you will eventually feel inspired.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Has it worked? Not even one little bloody bit! Motivation hasn’t come to me. In fact; I’ve been more and more unmotivated. Why? I have not been feeling motivated so I haven’t been writing then I feel awful because I’m not writing so what happens? I feel even more unmotivated. It’s been a disastrous couple of months in this cycle.

There have obviously been other factors in this that I have been trying to work on. Is it getting better? Slightly.

What really got me is when I was watching Sorelle Amore last week and she said a quote “Inspiration comes to me at 9 0’clock on Monday’s.”

She went on about how it’s great to try wait for motivation but we keep bussing ourselves with other crap so no; motivation will probably not come to you. That hit me HARD!

I need to take a break from my phone and all the social media on it and do what I’m passionate about. Whether that’s writing; makeup or going to the gym which is something I love and desperately crave but something is stopping me from it. What you may ask? Who the eff knows?!

This blog is probably just more for me than for you- my readers- but that’s okay. I’m not about any self-help blogs. I do enjoy some self-help books like “The Subtle art of not giving a fuck” amongst some others but the only useful piece of information I have is to stop bloody procrastinating and do that thing. You’re a blogger? Write something, even if it’s absolute garbage. Just write, you will get your rhythm back. You’re a makeup artist who has no motivation (just like me right now?) pick up your brush and blend. Blend that shadow; blend your foundation. JUST DO SOMETHING!

Okay; I think I’m done now!

I think I wrote my first motivational blog. Blegh haha!

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