Frolicking in the Tulip Fields

Life / Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

If you ever visit The Netherlands or know anything about them you know that their national flower is the tulip and during spring all you ever see is tulips everywhere. It’s honestly crazy! In 2017 an estimated 2 billion Tulips were grown in the Netherlands alone. That’s a lot of flowers!!

To be honest though- I’ve never really gotten the point of going into flower fields to take photos. Mostly because I’m really sensitive to scents and have horrible allergies so that sounds like actual torture lol!

My friend came up with this crazy idea that we would cycle around the famous Keukenhof because paying €18 to go into the park seems like a ridiculous idea. It’s exquisite and totally worth it BUT we wanted to cycle so we decided to go and do that. Boy was it worth it. We cycled about 50km that day and it really amazing. The weather was not overly hot or cold and had a slight breeze with no rain which was fantastic! Perfect cycling weather!

We took about a million photos and also might have trespassed on someone’s property but we were super respectful and didn’t injure any flowers or ground!

If you’re ever in The Netherlands for tulip season; it’s totally worth going and seeing them!

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