Reviewing Freedom Makeup

Beauty / Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

While in my local Kruidvat, I kept seeing Freedom Makeup. I thought it was interesting so I picked up a few things to test out.

Before we start out. Yes Freedom Makeup is cruelty-free and mostly vegan (woohoo). So you can shop them without feeling bad which is fantastic!! Their sister company is Makeup Revolution which is a well known brand across the world.

Here are 3 separate reviews for the products I had bought!

Brow pomade: I did not have high hopes for this product to be honest. I bought it on a whim after I bought their lipsticks so I could review more of the brand as a whole. When I opened it, it looked a bit dry and gross BUT boy was I wrong. I really, really like this pomade and I will use it so often. It is no surprise that I have decent brows and I actually hardly ever use eyebrow products but when I do, boy do I go for this product. It stays in place the whole day and is true to colour. It is a drier formula which means that it actually won’t move the whole day which is fantastic.

Hightlighter: Straight up, I really don’t like this product. NOT.AT.ALL. I don’t like it. I tried it with a brush and nothing happened, tried it with a setting spray, nothing. Tried it with my finger, NOTHING! I was so damn frustrated. I actually thought for a minute that I got children’s makeup. Sigh. What is even more frustrating is that I swatched it in store and it was incredible. So I am super disappointed.

Lipsticks: This is a good deal. It came with 5 lippies that are ore fall and winter appropriate which is my fav type of lippies. They are not incredibly long lasting but they don’t promise that. They also do not go on streaky which is always promising as they are dark lipsticks. I enjoyed them as a whole which is great considering the fail of the highlighter.

I am really wanting to try more of this makeup line especially since, when it is on sale, can be a steal. It is also available in South Africa which is always welcoming!


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