Best underrated South African musicians right now

Life / Thursday, August 9th, 2018

Is this a post that is completely biased just because some of these people are my friends? Probably. Do I think their music is actually pretty amazing and deserve more recognition? Hell to the yes.

Jade AUX– Jade is a sweet Durban girl who has been taking the music scene by storm in Durbs. She started doing covers. In fact the first time I saw her live I recognised her but didn’t understand why. She goes to your church Michelle. DUH. She recently released her EP which is on Spotify and Apple Music. My favourite song is ‘This‘ which is actually her first single. What is also cool is that Misha took her EP Photo’s

Matthew Mole– Okay so maybe he’s not too underrated in South Africa but he is underrated in the rest of the world. Matthew is one of the best folk musicians I have listened to and I love him and his music! I have actually met him and had a conversation with him and he’s pretty cool. Matthew is super humble and in my experience has never thought he was better than someone else. My latest favourite is ‘Light‘ but I originally fell in love with ‘Take Yours,I’ll Take Mine

Mike Wagner– This man is a CHAMP. He gives the best bear hugs and I think I have seen him wearing shoes once? He is incredibly passionate about music and released his EP earlier this year. He has an incredible story about his music career that you should totally ask about if you ever get to meet him. My favourite song off his Album that is also on Spotify and Apple Music is ‘Carry On

Opposite the Other– This band is made up of 3 cool dudes. They went on tour with Matthew Mole when he came to Europe in February this year. I had heard of them before but never got into their music for some reason. When Matthew announced they would be touring with him I immediately looked up their music. Recognising their songs, I got hooked on it. I have also met all of them and they are all super down to earth. Sam has also released some of his own music which I think is also great and worth a listen. My favourite from repertoire is ‘Stutter Love

I hope you check everyone’s music out and perhaps follow them on Instagram! They are all linked! Let me know who some of your favourite artists are and what made you fall in love with them. I look forward to hearing them in the comments below!

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