Being an independent woman in a fickle society

Life / Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Being a strong, independent woman in this society is so -interesting- to say the least. I have so many stories about this topic, some of my own as well as some of my friend’s. It is such an interesting conversation to have for many different reasons and I would like to open this up for discussion with everyone reading this.

Many people to know me; know that I don’t like gender stereotypes. Wanna ask that guy out? Go ahead! Lift that TV by yourself? Go ahead honey! Wanna wear makeup? Lemme help you get some that matches! I have and always will be that person. When it comes to this topic I can very uh, let’s just say blunt to be safe. When someone says something that goes with the stereotype like “oh, let me help you with the TV, you might not be able to carry it” my immediate response always is, “why? Because I have a vagina?” Yes, I actually say that! Makes said person VERY uncomfortable.

I have had this conversation a lot recently with some of my friends, both men and women because it affects us both. Men are supposed to be strong; manly; dominant and to never, I repeat- NEVER show emotion. Women are supposed to be submissive; like pink and know how to cook. Well I am here to try and break that stereotype completely. I don’t appreciate it and I think that we are all individuals that have their OWN personality and need to be themselves.

So my question is: how do you defy stereotypes? How do you say “eff this!” and do whatever the hell you want? For me it came when I moved to New York and I realised that no one actually cared how I dressed or what I did because guess what? They had their own crap to deal with and they actually did not give one flying fish sandwich whether you broke stereotypes or not. They did not even look your way. I took that and ran with it. I discovered that hey, I like dressing a certain way. Hey, I like wearing blue lipstick. Hey, I like being me and doing the opposite of what everyone told me to do.

I want to end this with a funny story. When I was growing up, everyone would ask me what my favourite colour was and because I hated the fact that I was supposed to like pink because- well I had a vagina- I always told everyone my favourite colour was blue and that I hated pink. In reality I did not hate pink, I disliked what it resembled, that I was supposed to be put in this box. So even from the time I was like four, I fought this the best way I knew how- disregarding the colour pink!

I would love to hear about your experiences. Have you been thought to believe that you have to be a stereotype or are you four year year old me, rebelling from all these stereotypes?

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