Top Tips for decorating on the go!

Life / Thursday, September 27th, 2018

I know that the time has come. It’s fall, college and school has started and if you are anything like me, you like redoing your bedroom when the new school year starts or when something drastic changes!

Well, if you don’t know me, I travel  A LOT! I also move into new bedrooms a lot so today, I would love to show you how I make my room feel a little like home and stylish too!

The first thing I love to get is some bedding as well as accessories for the bed! There’s something about a cute bed that is so pleasing! It also makes cute photo’s for Instagram (every bloggers dream right?)

I always like a white bedding set. It’s also pretty dangerous because, stains but I always take the risk. I will link some of my favourite white bedding, they all have different accents and cute in their own way.

Top 3:

Stencil 3 piece bedding set

Stream reversible quilt set 

Carmella 3 piece duvet set


I love pillows on my bed, and they add cute accents especially if you have a complete white bed set!










A throw blanket is always a good idea, especially when it comes to winter, also- I just always a cute blanket because that’s just who I am as a person.


Something that I always have is photos and art in my room. The art goes everywhere with me as well as all the photos. Whenever I get somewhere, the first thing I always do is get some cute frames so I am able to put the pieces in and it immediately makes me feel like I am at home!

There are many different options you can get. I always get a black frame one and I love this set from Wayfair.

Finally, candles. I love candles. They make everything smell nice as well as feel cosy! I love some bath and body works candles but they are not cruelty free and only available in America which sucks but I like to support local and indie shops so I always look for them on Etsy.

I hope this helps your transitional period of moving. I will be moving to New York in November 2018, so I will be doing a HUGE blog on this period! I hope you will come back and read it. If you have any inspiration, let me know! Any photo’s I should have up? Any stores I should be looking at? Let me know!!

Thank you to Wayfair for working with me on this blog post.

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