Coffee Company – Dutch Coffee Series


I am a coffee snob and I am very picky when it comes to me drinking coffee. Coffee is important and I think that if you are going to be consume it, at least consume good coffee! I am starting a new series where I highlight some good coffee spots and why I like them. […]

September 19, 2018

Arzu, Rotterdam – Review


I recently went to Arzu which is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I honestly did not have much hope for it as it looks cute and cozy but not the best. Boy was I wrong in the best possible way. We went there to have some pancakes with a friend who flew out from Canada for a […]

September 18, 2018

30 Day Challenge -Day 5- 15 of my Favourite Things


‘These are a few of my favourite things’ You sang that didn’t you? 😛 I don’t like listing things in order so here are 15 of my favourite things 1- Mexican Food 2- Make Up 3- Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4- German Chocolate 5- Spontaneous Coffee Dates 6- Cute Stationary 7- Friends randomly sending me selfies 8- Listening […]

August 5, 2017