AuPairs Reunion 


September 2014- The day I finally met Vanessa. We got into contact a couple months before on instagram as we were going to the same aupair training. We chatted for a long while before we realised that we would be living one road from each other and our future host kids were actually friends! How […]

July 26, 2018

30 Day Challenge -Day 5- 15 of my Favourite Things


‘These are a few of my favourite things’ You sang that didn’t you? 😛 I don’t like listing things in order so here are 15 of my favourite things 1- Mexican Food 2- Make Up 3- Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4- German Chocolate 5- Spontaneous Coffee Dates 6- Cute Stationary 7- Friends randomly sending me selfies 8- Listening […]

August 5, 2017