Do something your future self will thank you for

I’ve been trying to figure out life recently. I haven’t gone on this long journey of self-discovery; rather I’m trying to do stuff that will help “reactivate” my motivation and do what I love again. More about that here.

I’ve been watching Lilly Singh for about 4 years now I want to say. I actually came across her Vlogs before her actual skit videos, which is what she is originally famous for. I fell in love with her personality and her willingness to “hustle harder every day” 

Lilly been saying “do something today that your future self would thank you for” for a long time now. It’s not always big, important things. Sometimes it’s really mediocre things such as the dishes; packing away your laundry or check something off your “To Do” list for tomorrow. 

Recently -as in the last 4 days- I’ve really been doing that. I always brush small things off such as packing the dishwasher; doing laundry; emailing someone back because they’re mediocre and easy enough jobs. What actually ends up happening is that I don’t get to it in time and then it stresses me out or I’ll tell myself that I will do it later but then it will sit on my subconscious on repeat so that it affects my whole day. That’s actually something Alfie Dayes has been talking about. It’s an interesting thing to think about. How many times have you done this?

So I have been doing things right away recently instead of putting it off and it has really helped me. Helped me in so many different ways. I feel more motivated to do things, I feel so much more accomplished once I have done the things I need to and honestly it has boosted my mood so much!

Is there something that you have been putting off? Let me know!

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