How I am dealing with loosing most of my content

So if you didn’t know; recently something happened with my blog and I somehow managed to loose around 70-80% of all my content that I had written over the last 3 or so years. I did all the regular things like save the posts somewhere else; make sure I have copies etc, but somehow I managed to loose all the copies and it made me question my sanity and how well I am able to use a computer -which isn’t so well apparently- so I am kind of disappointed in myself and mad that hey, I am a failure at being a blogger.

Initially I was really mad and disappointed in myself and I honestly questioned whether I should continue on with this site or just give up and not blog anymore. Talk about an OVER REACTION. So instead of being a dramatic drama queen, I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to redesign my website and post more of what I want to be posting as well as add a couple other things like my makeup portfolio and just getting it to be more me, which I am enjoying.

Going forward, I want to be sure that I have all my blogs saved two or even three times to make sure that this never happens. I also want to blog because I feel inspired and not because I NEED to post something you know? I have been feeling inspired and I have been writing more and more blogs which I am very excited about! I will be doing more of what makes me happy because this year is all about self-love and self-care. I will also be adding more and more content as I try and recover some more of my content as well as adding new stuff so be patient with me and I will get back into a routine again!

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