The Chanel Experience

We recently discovered the Atelier Beaute Chanel while walking around in SOHO one sunny Sunday. As you might have guessed- we really wanted to experience it after hearing all about it. It is every beauty bloggers dream to see; touch and experience everything Chanel. Even if you only buy cruelty free, this experience is worth stopping by.

As you walk up the stairs, you get into a landing with a cute mirror, you can’t help but to take a selfie. From there you are welcomed into the actual Chanel Experience. You are greeted by some incredible staff and are offered to lock your stuff up so you can truly experience the whole thing.

The experience is all self-guided so you create a profile on your phone and from there you are able to navigate the entire space. In your profile you are able to “like” and “dislike” all the products that you try in order to get the best possible product for yourself. When I say they have every thing beauty related in this store, I really mean it.

The whole set up is literally to try every product. To physically test it out and see what works for you. You start of at the wash stations where you are able to completely wash your face, use the toners and moisturises, eye creams, serums etc. It’s pretty incredible. From there you go to the different makeup stations starting at the foundations and concealers. There are staff there to help you along the way but it is pretty self guided so they are only there to add value such as helping you colour match and suggest the best foundation for you. It’s good to note that it is relatively hygienic. The staff are there to clean up and disinfect everything that you use.

There are different stations that you visit for every step and it really is great. My favourite was the lipsticks because I am such a lipstick lover. A chance to try a new lipstick is something I will always say yes to.

What I found really exciting and intriguing is that you are able to get someone to help you with your skincare and get a skincare sample set that is made for you. You get to have a choice of 3 or 5 products that have been hand selected for you after a consultation by one of the staff there. It is also relatively cheap at roughly $18 for the sample bag which is decent. You can also buy anything there that you liked too which is such a cool and innovative way to shop!

We were also able to do the perfume experience which is something I HIGHLY recommend to anyone that likes perfume or is wanting to have a new perfume. It is basically a blind smell that lets you smell all their perfumes. They are grouped by scents from fresh floral to a more rich, deep scent. They are only labelled by numbers and from there you pick 3 of your favourites. Once you have done that -which is actually a lot harder than you think it is- you get to smell those three again. They are taken from the fridge and you just sit and experience them again. It is really soothing and relaxing. It is also exciting because you get to smell the three perfumes you like the best. I really enjoyed it. From there you pick one and then you get a small ceramic bracelet where you have the scent on it which lasts 5-7 days. Can I just say that I literally smelt that ceramic bracelet for the rest of the day, it makes me so happy haha! They also reveal all the perfume names for you and tell you the meaning behind all the scents and where it was thought of. It is so fascinating and I would love to go and do it again.

The whole experience can last as long or as short as you want as it is self-guided. We spent about 2,5 hours there and I know we could have gone a lot longer but it started getting busy and a little crazy so we decided to move on. Although I do buy cruelty free, it really was such an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone that likes makeup or fashion, It’s pretty incredible. The whole experience is free so even if you don’t like it and want to leave after 10 min, it’s so skin off your back.


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