ChelleChats #1 – A Weekly Update

So I have decided to do a little catch-up / day in the life every two weeks or so. They are mostly for me but you can also get a little insight into what I get into as an Au Pair as well as just to be, well nosy. These are some of the more real and raw posts and I just want to document my year like this so I can look back it later and see all the positives as well as the negatives because we just seem to focus on the negatives and never remember the small wins! There will be weeks that won’t be as action packed and then weeks where 100 things happen and that is totally okay! So here we go.

This update is from around the end of February until mid-March.

My friend Charlie and I live about an hour away from each other so we tend to try and meet halfway. We found an Olive Garden halfway which I am very happy about. It had been an absolute crazy week with everything going on so we both really needed this and loved it. It really is the simple things in life that make us happy!

I have been going to gym a lot more recently especially yoga classes when I am able to and I have been loving it so much!! I love that I have become more flexible as well as just enjoying the stretches and listening to my body which is what I need to do more of. If you have any tips on going to the gym as well as meal prep, please let me know! I could use all the help I can get!

This is the day my website went live. I had taken a very long time to design and write content as I was quite bitter that I had lost most of my content BUT I realised that I can be salty and upset but it wont make the blogs come back so instead I decided to just re-design everything and start again. It means that I will be able to really love what I do and be much more selective on what I write about. Charlie and I celebrated by going to get coffee and donuts at my favourite place –Boxer Donuts and then lunch at temptations!

I met up with an Au Pair that was in Rockland at the same time as me my very first time in 2015/2016 and we just caught up and hung out. It’s really nice having someone that knows your past experiences and knew the same people that you did. We caught up, talked about life as well as ate at The Art Cafe which is hands-down one of the best restaurants that I have eaten at. It is all vegetarian and has a ton of vegan options. What is also very nice is the vibe and friendly staff. I will be doing a whole blog dedicated to this restaurant at some point in the future!

Charlie and I decided to venture into NYC because, well we just wanted to! We met up and went directly into SoHo just to walk around and get some photos for ourselves. This did not disappoint. We came across this restaurant called Ramen Hood who is exclusively vegan and bloody hell is it amazing! I don’t know how else to describe it other than it’s seriously one of, if not the best ramen place I have been to and yet again, I will be doing another blog post dedicated to it because it is honestly just that good!!

We did not really have a plan but decided to just walk around and see what we find and boy, were we happy we did. We found some really cute places and it was really great! It was still quite cold so we could not venture too far without having to go indoors every so often so we ended up finding a cute coffee shop where we sat and chatted for a bit.

We found the most incredible Swedish Candy Store that I absolutely loved and we may have spent a lot of money there but it had vegan candy so who could blame us?! They have some Dutch candy there too so I was quite happy! What made that experience even more enjoyable is seeing the owner so passionate about his store and the candy that he has in there. He also geeked out when I told him I had stayed in his hometown of Malmoe when I was in Sweden! It’s not the most common place to go to so it was quite cool when he stopped in his tracks and got super excited lol!

We ended the day at a German restaurant because apparently we were trying to cover every single country/ culture while we were at it but it was good. We played with giant cards and just hung out for the rest of the day. The best thing about that German bar is that I held open the door for a clown and I don’t ever think I would have had to say that sentence out loud but it was pretty funny.

My host mom has a sweet tooth but I can confirm that these cupcakes are really some of the best ones I have tasted! I also think they’re super cute so there’s that.

It was finally warm enough to go for a walk outside last weekend so I dragged my boyfriend out to my favourite lake in the area and we literally took three times as long to walk around the lake because we kept having mini snow ball fights. I even had some strangers help me out because I didn’t have enough time to retaliate! I don’t talk too much about my boyfriend or even show photo’s of him because he is a super personal and private person and HATES photo’s. I think I have a total of 6 photo’s of us because he hates photo’s that much. I also don’t want to talk about our relationship. I think it’s super personal and private but it’s also beautiful and incredible and he makes me so very happy! He will probably not read this so it’s okay that I gush about him a bit right?

I ended the weekend off with seeing my friend Nicola. Her and I flew together to America and we live fairly close to each other so we can see each other every so often which is great! She is a breath of fresh air and we always get sushi when we are together.

I am ending this post with a sneak peek of the photoshoot Rutt and I did a couple days ago. Rutt and I have been friends for a good couple years now and I love them so damn much. Rutt and I have been through a lot together and I am just so glad I get to share my life with them and their partner, Ray.

So to sum up the last couple weeks: I am incredibly blessed to have the friends that I have and to be able to experience life the way I currently am. I am glad for snow, for the cold and the rain but I am also glad that it is warming up more.

So, until next time!

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